Winged Red Wire Connectors - Bag of 500

Winged Red Wire Connectors - Bag of 500

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Why Our Wire Connectors Are Better Than the Competition High Temperature Rating These wire connectors have a high temperature and voltage rating that makes them perfect for any job, big or small. They are rated up to 600v for...
Model P-13
Max. Voltage 600v max building wiring; 1000v max in fixtures and signs
Wire Range 4 #12; 3 to 5 #14; 3 to 5 #16; 1 #12 with 4 #14
Temperature Rating 105°C (221°F) Max
Quantity 500 Pieces
20a Tamper/Weather Proof GFCI Outlet

20a Tamper/Weather Proof GFCI Outlet

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Protect your home or business with our tamper/weather-resistant self-test GFCI outlets! These GFCI receptacles electronically detect electrical ground faults and quickly shut off the power to prevent serious shock. They feature tamper-resistant outlets to prevent insertion of foreign objects, internal automatic...
Pole 2-Pole
Wire 3-Wire
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Black Electrical Tape [10]

Black Electrical Tape [10]

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Features: 3/4' x 60ft. x 8.5MIL Flame retardant Cold Weather Resistant High dielectric strength, high adhesion and shear Resistant to acids, alkalis, chemicals, oils, moisture and corrosion Withstands 1,200 V/MILS Temperature Range 0&degF - 176&degF UL Listed
Certifications UL Listed, CSA Certified
Alumiconn 2-Port Connectors - 25 Pack

King Innovation Alumiconn 2-Port Connectors - 25 Pack

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King Innovation Aluminum to Copper Lug (AL-CU) Connectors are of superior quality and provide a secure, mechanical connection of conductors. These run approximately 25°F cooler than purple twist-ons, providing more safety and saving you money! Multiple ports allow conductors to remain seperate, lowering plug resistance that results in higher...
Max. Voltage 300V
Wire Type Aluminum/Aluminum, Aluminum/Copper, Copper/Copper
Wire Range Aluminum Wire Range: Min #12/Max #10 Copper Wire Range: Min #18/Max #10
Temperature Rating 105°C
Flammability Rating V-2
Smoke Detector - Battery Backup

First Alert Smoke Detector - Battery Backup

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Features: 9V Battery Backup 120VAC HARD WIRE IN - Powered by a normal 120VAC line. Includes Quick-Connect wiring harness. PERFECT MOUNTING SYSTEM - features a gasketless base and a mounting bracket that keeps the alarm secure over a wide...
LED Linear High Bay - 425W - 57K Lm

Best Lighting LED Linear High Bay - 425W - 57K Lm

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The LEDFHB425-V2 is a full-body, premium-performance LED high bay luminaire. It is designed to illuminate a wide variety of settings, including commercial, industrial & retail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, sporting venues and big-box retailers. With a painted,...
Model LEDFHB425-V2
Wattage 425 Watts
Voltage 120-277V AC
Lumens 57,375lm
Color temperature 4000k / 5000k
Lumens Per Watt 134 lm/w
Width 21 7/8"
Length 45 7/8"
Height 3 5/8"
LED Life 113,000 Hours
Certifications cULus, DLC, RoHS, FCC, IEE
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LED Troffer - 2'X4' - 44W - 5,900 Lm

Best Lighting LED Troffer - 2'X4' - 44W - 5,900 Lm

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This premium-performance troffer is a low-profile 2’ x 4’ LED center basket luminaire, which offers industry-leading lumens per watt (LPW). The fixture is designed as a direct replacement for 2’ x 4’ fluorescent luminaires installed in grid or plaster ceilings. It...
Wattage 44 Watt
Voltage 120 - 277V AC
Lumens 5,900 lm
Color temperature 4000K | 5000K
Lumens Per Watt 134 lm/W
Width 23 3/4"
Length 47 3/4"
Height 2 3/8"
LED Life 199,000 hours
Certifications UL, DLC, RoHS, FCC
LED Area Light - 280W - 35,000 Lm

Best Lighting LED Area Light - 280W - 35,000 Lm

The LEDMPALPRO series is a group of premium architectural LED area luminaires designed to illuminate parking areas, pathways, building facades, loading docks, and a wide variety of other large, general site lighting applications. Multiple mounting options make the LEDMPALPRO...
Wattage 279 Watts
Voltage 120-277V
Lumens 34,907 Lumens
Color temperature 4000K | 5000K
Lumens Per Watt 125 lm/W
CRI 80+
LED Life 372,000 Hours
Certifications cULus, IP66, DLC Premium, IEEE1789-2015, IK 9, ASTM B117, FCC Part 15 Class B, EN61000-4-5
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LED Flat Panel - 2x4 - 70W - 7,300 Lm

Best Lighting LED Flat Panel - 2x4 - 70W - 7,300 Lm

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2X4' FT LED ULTRA THIN EDGE-LIT PANEL 70 WATTS 3000K 3500K 4000K 5000K - The ultra-thin, edge-lit LED panel (LEDPNL) series is designed to deliver general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings, including schools, offices, hospitals and stores, and...
Wattage 70 Watts
Voltage 120-277V AC
Lumens 7,325 Lumens
Color temperature 3000K | 3500K | 4000K | 5000K
Width 23.7 inches
Length 47.8 inches
Height 2.0 inches
Certifications ETL, DLC, RoHS, RCC
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LED Exit/Emergency Combo - Battery Back-up

Best Lighting LED Exit/Emergency Combo - Battery Back-up

Illumination Long lasting, efficient ultra-bright white LEDs. High-performance chrome-plated metalized reflector and polycarbonate lens for optimal light distribution. Adjustable LED lamp heads provides optimal center-to-center spacing. Optional high-lumen heads are available for increased center-to-center spacing. Long-lasting, energy efficient Red...
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LED EXIT Sign - Battery Backup

Best Lighting LED EXIT Sign - Battery Backup

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Slim and low-profile LED exit sign provides a crisp, clean look and excellent energy savings. Illumination Ultra-bright, energy efficient, long-life Red or Green LED. Electrical Dual 120/277 voltage. Charge rate/power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated...
Width 1 3/4
Length 12 3/4
Height 8
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