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135W Full-Body LED High Bay

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16W LED Corn Bulb

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20 Amp Self-testing, Tamper Resistant GFCI with...

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24" Fluorescent Under Cabinet

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30W LED Flood Light - 3500 Lumens

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36W LED Corn Bulb

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36W LED Strip Light - 4 feet

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4" LED Square Recessed Downlight - 120V

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4-Lamp 8ft. Vapor Tight T5 HO fixture with Mult...

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45W LED Corn Bulb

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News Update

Why Install LEDs for Parking Lot Lighting

When compared to traditional lights, LED options are more beneficial in a dark or dim parking area. After these lights are mounted on ceilings and walls, motorists will have no problems spotting signs, vehicles, lanes, and other things in a parking environment at night. If you're considering installing LED parking lot lighting, no need to waste anymore time thinking about it. Here’s why you should go ahead and make the investment today.

Why You Should Choose LED Emergency Lights for Your Business Lighting Needs

When an emergency strikes, the main power supply to your building can be cut off. That's where LED emergency lights come in — they illuminate the way to the exits, making it easier for occupants to get out safely. Long lasting and tough, these powerful lights can help you build safer buildings.