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First Alert PhotoElectric Smoke Alarm - Battery Backup

PhotoElectric Smoke Alarm - Battery Backup

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Basic photoelectric smoke alarm. Often used in hotels, dorms and other applications where an economical photoelectric alarm is required and tampering with batteries is a concern. Can be interconnected with up to 12 additional BRK and First Alert smoke alarms. Meets UL217


  • Photoelectric sensing chamber
  • Optipath 360 Technology
  • Single button test/ Silence feature
  • Two locking features- locks battery drawer and alarm to base
  • Alarm indication
  • 10 year limited warranty.

BRK 4120 Series to 9120 Series Cross Reference Chart

Old Model No. New Model No. Description
4120 9120 AC BRK Smoke
4120-12ST 9120-12ST AC BRK Smoke in 12-pack Stadium Tray
4120 9120 AC BRK Smoke
4120AB 9120AB AC/DC BRK Smoke w/Alkaline Battery
4120B 9120B AC/DC BRK Smoke (includes silence)
4120B-48B 9120B-48B AC/DC BRK Smoke 48 bulk pack
4120B-48P 9120B-48P AC/DC BRK Smoke 48 pack
4120B-GFD 9120B-GFD AC/DC BRK Smoke Gravity Feed Display
4120LB 9120LB AC/DC BRK Smoke w/Lithium Battery (available in 12pack)
4120SAB Obsolete Not needed-Silence is a standard feature
4120SB Obsolete Not needed-Silence is a standard feature
4120SB-12ST 9120B-12ST AC/DC BRK Smoke 12 pack Stadium Tray
4120SB2 Obsolete AC/DC BRK Smoke 2 pack-Retail
4120SB-48B Obsolete Not needed-Silence is a standard feature
41206CP 91206CP AC BRK Smoke Contractor bulk 6-pack
4120SB6CP 9120B6CP AC/DC BRK Smoke Contractor bulk 6-pack
4120SB-GFD Obsolete Not needed-Silence is a standard feature
4919A 9120A AC BRK Smoke Canada
8120BL Obsolete Not needed. Latching is a standard feature.
SA4120B-48B SA9120B-48B AC/DC First Alert Smoke 48 bulk pack
SA4120CN Obsolete AC First Alert Smoke-clamshell
SA4121B-48B Obsolete Not needed-Silence is a standard feature
SA4121CN SA9121CN AC/DC First Alert Smoke-clamshell 3-pack
SC6120B SC9120B AC/DC BRK Smoke/CO combo
None SC9120B-GFD AC/DC BRK Smoke/CO Gravity Feed Display
None SC9120BA AC/DC BRK Smoke/CO combo-Canada
SC6120B-12ST SC9120B-12ST AC/DC BRK Smoke/CO combo-12-pack stadium tray
SA4121CN3 Obsolete Replaced by SA9121CN

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